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Choosing Lingerie: What To Wear For The First Date?

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


Have you been asked out on a date? If yes, the first date is the most important date when getting to know a romantic interest. Why is it the most important date? It is the one and only chance you have to make a lasting, good first impression. You want your date to remember how you first looked when he fell in love with you. Necessary Secrets is here to help your appearance look the best for your first date by providing you a few tips for choosing the right lingerie for your first date. Fit your clothes and lingerie in a sexy and respectable way. Read now for invaluable lingerie tips.


Lingerie for the first date can be very tricky if you don’t know where to start. You don’t want your attire to look too well planned but you want to look put together.


It is no secret that men prefer women that look sexy but don’t try too hard to be sexy. Most women when undecided on undergarments will wear black lingerie to be safe with their lingerie selection. Some men naturally love black lingerie while others will think of sex right away.


You do not want your date to see you as only a sex object. You will want him to respect both your mind and body. If your date gets a glimpse of you in black lingerie, it may give the impression you planned for him to see you in it. Instead, you can surprise him with matching lingerie.


Matching lingerie will keep you from looking like a train wreck without appearing as if you put plenty of thought into wearing it. Studies have shown must men prefer lingerie that is simplistic and feminine.


Try adding a little color, some design patterns or a cute little bow to your lingerie. These little touches of creativity are huge turn ons for men.


If he is bringing you to a BBQ, try wearing casual, simple, pretty lingerie. Some great casual lingerie to wear on such a date is a pair of boy shorts and a matching bra. Some matching sets that go great for casual dates are stripes, polka dots, butterflies and vibrant colors.


If he is bring you on a more traditional date such as a dinner and a movie, then you should glam up your lingerie. Some lingerie could be lace or satin attire. Wear colors of silver, burgundy, and navy blue to add elegance to intimate apparel. This will make you look and feel like a sexy woman under your clothes. Make him know it is not easy to see your lingerie…it’s a privilege that’s earned.


But more importantly make sure you are comfortable in your lingerie. Try wearing it a bit prior to your date. Sit in it. Stand in it. Avoid panties that shift too often and bras that show too much of your goods when you are bent over.


Above all, don’t forget to wear your self-confidence with your sexy lingerie. With the two, you are sure to make a perfect first impression.


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